Our Connection to Mount Athos

Fr. JeremiahMount Athos is a peninsula in northern Greece that is generally considered to be the center of Orthodox monasticism in the world. It is has been occupied as a monastic community for 1,000 years. It is known as “The Holy Mountain” and has many monasteries, sketes and cells of monks and hermits.

At Xenonphontos Monastery on the Holy Mountain there is a monk who grew up in San Angelo and came to the Orthodox faith at Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Fr. Jeremiah was a student at Angelo State University when he discovered the Orthodox Church. He was received into the Orthodox Church here and later made a trip to Mount Athos where he found his vocation as a monastic. Thus, our Parish has a special love for the monks on the Holy Mountain, especially Fr. Jeremiah and those at Xenophontos Monastery.