Just as Christ has welcomed all of us, we welcome you. We welcome you and hope you will come for a visit, join with us in worship and see what we are about.

We believe that the Orthodox Church proclaims the Christian faith in its fullest expression and that it holds within its life the Way to God.

Where are we?

Church Jan 4 2012

Assumption of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church is located at 801 Montecito, at the corner of Montecito and Kenwood in San Angelo, Texas.

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ARTrussellCfullsizeThe Orthodox faith fits West Texas. They are both part of the desert. They have suffered violence, and adversity which formed who they are. Although they embrace new ways of doing things, they know deep down that the tried and true ways are usually the best.


Good News

20130929-085944.jpgThe Good News of the Church of Christ is that we can know, experience and commune with God here and now. We can become like Him. Salvation is not an event. It is a life of seeking God and becoming as much like Christ as we can.